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The Program

The Filthy Rich Business Incubator is hosted every four months. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, no matter the industry, succeed in their business endeavors. We understand that founders stand at the core of their idea and strive to provide the environment to help them achieve their company’s goals.


Our purpose is to help startups prepare themselves for success. This can come in a variety of forms and may not necessarily include funding. Whatever your business goals are, we are here to provide the resources and expertise.  But one thing you will get from the start, regardless of your stage in business, is the overwhelming support from your team at Filthy Rich Idea including investors, mentors, and other cohort student founders. From day one, we will be your best friend. After all, your business has needs and we understand the constant conversations that are needed to flesh out an idea.

No matter the industry, the time spent with us will most likely be the most intense weeks you have spent on your business. The levels of conversations amongst business coaches with founders, founders with founders, as well as founders with investors will have you motivated beyond a doubt. Your business will advance in ways that push your brand in the right direction.


Aside from connecting you with a mixture of loans, grants, and VCs during the programming and Pitch Feedback Sessions, teams that complete the program will be invited to Building A Filthy Rich Business Conference in the Summer of 2023 for our funding competition. This event will provide you with access to 1000+ investors. Student founders will also have access to our network of mentors, business coaches and software including a website builder, mobile app builder, human resources/payroll/tax services, VoIP phone services, business incorporation services, email marketing, marketing services for their business products and services, online courses in their field to improve their team, employee training, and much more.

Student Founder Cohorts

Each cohort is led by business coaches and VIP partners who advise the founders one-on-one and in group office hours. Each cohort is split into 5-10 companies, so that founders get the full attention needed from their supervisors.

Office Hours

Our business coaches are available on Monday through Thursday, with other off-days having availability for one-on-one hours.

This is a community so we are expecting you to engage with us and exploit our program benefits for a solid duration of time with a key focus on fundraising so that you can scale your business.

Filthy Rich Business Incubator


During the first week of the Filthy Rich Business Incubator, we host a 5-day series of introductions to our software and strategy sessions from the FRBI team.  Topics range from how to use the software including demos and account setups for your team to discussions on the development of your prototype, how to reach your market, social media, funding, and building your team. We pack these talks into the first week of the cohort so that founders can spend the rest of their time focusing on building their company with an exact strategy plan that is revisited every week.

Wealth Wednesdays

Every week we have speakers who are new and experienced come and speak candidly about their venture experiences, divulging a wealth of knowledge to learn from.

Millionaire Mondays

Millionaire Mondays occurs the first and third Monday of the month. It is a virtual networking party where everyone in our network can ask each other questions and offer/sell/negotiate their services.

Public & Soft Launches

Once a student founder’s startup is ready for consumption, we help them conduct a soft launch as well as a public launch. The soft launch is internal within Filthy Rich Idea’s mentors and investors. The public launch is where we align startups with the press and begin marketing.

First Customers

Many of your first 50 paying customers will come from the community within Filthy Rich Idea. We will not only market your product/service to our base, but we will also help you market to the public.

Demo Day

Demo Day is held at the Building a Filthy Rich Business Conference in August. All student founders that have graduated from their cohort will have the opportunity to present their companies to the public, investors, and press. This is the company’s time to shine on a grand stage.

On Demo Day we offer business grants and investment deals to those who present. The weeks following Demo Day, we assist our student founders negotiate their offers and work as a liaison between startups and investors.

Filthy Rich Business Incubator

Filthy Rich Resources

Our student founders will always have access to our entrepreneurial library that is filled with workshops and research put together by the mentors, business coaches, and founders of Filthy Rich Business Incubator and Filthy Rich Idea. They will also have access to discounted or free products and services from our VIP Partner Program which encompasses hundreds of companies located all over the world.

FRBI Retreat

Each year, alumni from all cohorts come together for a retreat filled with workshops, advice sessions, and team building activities that are sure to keep a company on its toes. Founders from all over the world can exchange ideas, negotiate partnerships, and learn new strategies from their peers.

FRBI Recruiting Tools

FRBI student founders get access to Filthy Rich Idea’s job recruiting platform once their cohort starts. The recruiting platform is where they can post jobs for their company, track potential applicants, offer employee training and HR services.

Filthy Rich Business Incubator

Filthy Rich Mindset Coaching Program

We understand the challenges that occur after a business has launched. A company must be able to build culture and community for long-term success amongst its employees. Our business coaches will provide workshops in emotional intelligence, team building, and more.

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