Demo Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demo Day?

On Demo Day, the latest cohort will present their business to an invite-only audience of private investors, business coaches, mentors, press, and other members of Filthy Rich Idea.

Demo Day will be over-subscribed. You must have received an invitation and RSVP’d YES to attend. An invitation with no confirmation will not get you into the event.

When is Demo Day?

Invite-only Demo Days are in April, August, and December for each cohort. The public Demo Day for all cohorts to attend and compete is held each summer during the Building A Filthy Rich Business Conference.

Where is Demo Day held?

For the Winter 2023 batches, Demo Day will be held in Atlanta, Georgia and will be streamed live for our private audience.

What is the current format of Demo Day?

For April 2023, the event will last one day. A formal meet and great with refreshment kicks of the event. Each company will be allotted a certain amount of time to present. Student founders are also able to engage with press about their company. Our Demo Day website will provide you with access to the live stream, company information and the ability to connect with each company.

How do I request an invitation to Demo Day?

Invitations are given to current and past investors of FRBI startups, members of Filthy Rich Idea’s VIP Partner Program, podcast guests from Rich Fridays, and other prominent investors in the community. The best way to attend future Demo Days is to invest in FRBI student founders, join our VIP Partner Program, or become a Guest on Rich Fridays Podcast.

How do I request a press pass?


I applied and did not receive an invitation. What do I do?

Space is limited for available seating. Guaranteed seating is granted on a first-come first-serve basis for those who RSVP.

I was invited to Demo Day and would like a member of my team to attend instead. Can that be arranged?

Please respond to your invitation with your request. You must first be confirmed on your original rsvp. Changes to names must be submitted at least seven days prior to Demo Day. If you have an invitation representing a firm and would like to transfer your invitation to another partner, please email us at Transfers to other partners are generally fine, transfers to associates or other non-partner staff are not.

When do you stop taking applications to attend Demo Day?

RSVPs for invitations and name changes must occur at least seven days prior to Demo Day. Due to availability, invitation acceptance window may close earlier.

How do I bring a guest?

Demo Day invitations are for the invitee listed in the invite.

If you know someone who would like to attend, they can request an invitation in advance of the event.

Where can I find a list of student founders presenting on Demo Day?

We don’t share information on the companies in advance of Demo Day.

What events will take place during Demo Day?

In the last month of each cohort, student founders perform a soft launch Demo Day to an invite-only audience of investors, press, mentors, and members from the Filthy Rich Business Incubator. Our public Demo Day is held in the summer during the Building A Filthy Rich Business Conference. At this event, we have a meet and greet with student founders, investors, and the press. Each business will then have the opportunity to pitch their business to Filthy Rich Idea and its investors.

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