Avoiding CEO or Entrepreneurial Burnout

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Burnout is more than just feeling tired or exhaustion. It’s a psycho-physical response to extreme and prolonged stress, and believe it or not, chronic stress can induce it. And I know many business owners and entrepreneurs feel this… your body is shutting down and simple tasks like answering an email can become impossible to accomplish.

The best approach for avoiding CEO or entrepreneurial burnout is to first acknowledge that overworking is a critical factor in burnout. We must learn to accept that if we overwork ourselves, we WILL burn out eventually. And the sad part is, when someone feels they don’t have control over their life or work, this can exacerbate symptoms of burnout, anxiety, and even depression. You have to try to put your work and the company into perspective. I used to have a real issue switching off from the business, and sometimes I still do depending on the projects going on. Back in November 2021, I set myself some new rules, like not checking emails after 9pm or scheduling a “nap” in between major tasks to help me separate work from the rest of my life.

‘Just because you take breaks doesn’t mean you’re broken.”

Curtis Tyrone Jones

Want to avoid burnout or decrease your chances of burning out as you operate your business? Listen to this episode and grab 10 tips to help you avoid stress and burnout.


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