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The VIP Partner Program allows businesses or guests interviewed on Rich Fridays the opportunity to share their products and services directly with our listeners, customers, and student founders in the business incubator program. The products and services within the program are exclusively listed in our Resources section for entrepreneurs on Filthy Rich Idea. Guests are also referenced for mentorship and assistance to our student founders within the Filthy Rich Business Incubator Program.

B  E  N  E  F  I  T  S

*P.R. Kit to announce your partnership in the program.

*VIP Partner Gift

**Your recorded interview on Rich Fridays Podcast. (MP4 format) (For Podcast Guests)

**3-5 Clips of your interview for marketing. (For Podcast Guests)

*Your products, services and mentorship will be offered in the Filthy Rich Business Incubator program.

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Please allow 2-3 days for your partnership application to be processed and 7 days for your products and services to appear onnline.

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